rulesAs a member of the WRECKLINK network, you will be obliged to follow the rules in order to keep the service operating correctly and efficiently. There are not many rules, but they will be enforced with vigor.


National Rules

1. The WRECKLINK Messenger Service is to be use specifically for wrecking communication only. We have a strict policy adhering to Australian laws relating to OH&S and anti-discrimination requirements. If you need clarity on this rule, please refer to our expamples of communication that will be regarded as mis-use of the service (below). Should the committee deem that there is grounds for a weeks removal from Wrecklink or total removal from Wrecklink, the owner of the yard will be asked to show cause.

2. If you suspect other users are mis-using or abusing the service or other users of the service, please report it to the administrator either by email, phone or through the administrator user in the CoolMessenger App.

3. Spamming the service with advertising will not be tolerated and will result in an instant user ban.

4. Failure to pay for the service in a timely manner as outlined in the contract of service will result in a temporary suspension of service for users of that company until such time as payment has been recieved.

5. No WRECKLINK Login details are to be lent to non-approved users. Should any yard be found to be doing this, they will be removed from system.

6. If a yard/yards are sold, new owners will be required to re-apply to WRECKLINK for re-admission.

7. All yards are to warrant the sale of all parts in compliance with current national, state and local laws. As a Wrecklink member, a warranty period no less than 3 months from the receipt of the final invoice to the consumer.

8. All Wrecklink member wrecking yards must have been established and in service for a minimum of 3 years.


Area Specific Rules

Greater Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coasts, Logan and Ipswich.

1. The WRECKLINK system is a communication system and a Transport System for Yards in the Transportation area. Yards in the Transportation area need to have both Wrecklink and Wreckers Connection (Courier Trucks). If Yards are outside the Transportation area they can apply for the Wrecklink system without the Courier Trucks.

2. The Wrecker Connection Trucks are only for deliveries to members of WRECKLINK from members of Wreckink only. No third party freight will be accepted on the Trucks.

3. The Wreckers Connection Drivers are responsible for the loading and unloading of the Wreckers Connection trucks, and for the checking off the Parts and invoices. It is advised that a yardsman from each yard also check off parts against invoices for consistency.


Examples of Mis-use:

Any communication that can be identified with content relating to the following:

    1. discrimination or harrassment of any level,
    2. sexual nature,
    3. sports events or results,
    4. inappropriate language,
    5. personal information,
    6. attemt of poaching of staff,
    7. misleading or decetive use of information,
    8. lead to criminal penalty or civil liability,
    9. be reasonably found to be offensive, obscene, threatening, abusive or defamatory



The service is regularly monitored for incorrect use and abuse and any such usage will attract a ban from the service using a declining system of tolerance. First instance will attract a 5 day ban for the specific user. Second offence will attract a 5 day ban for all users of the specific company. A third instance will result in a ban from which administrative interaction will be required and may not result in acceptance back to the network. WRECKLINK understands that special circumstances may be applicable and in such cases we will be happy to review the situation upon contact from the user or company involved.


These rules are subject to change upon WRECKLINK's discretion.