Congratulations on recently becoming a member of the WRECKLINK collaborative!

WRECKLINK members need to stay connected so we have provided the means to do so via our Messenger Service. You will have had an email sent to the address on your application whcih will contain instructions and the details required to connect to the WRECKLINK network.

If you are yet to recieve the welcome email, you may still download the Messenger Service Application and follow the instructions below to get the basic setup complete. The welcome email may take up to 24 hours to processed and sent. Please be sure to check your spam/junk mail folder in your email client encase the email may have been incorrectly identified as spam.


Installation instructions:

1. Download the installation file here.

2. Run the installation file and leave all settings at their default setting. Simply click next to all pages in the installation and click yes to any question prompts. Click close upon completion of the installion.

3. Upon completion, you should now see a CoolMessenger icon on your desktop.


Double click the icon and wait for the logon screen to appear.


4. Fill in the details using the information supplied in the welcome email, then click the login button.


ID: the username supplied in the welcome email.

Password: The password supplied in the welcome email.


5. Upon first login, the software will check for and prompt to update if there is an update available. If you are prompted, simply click yes and follow the prompts. If you are prompted for any settings, please do not change from the defaults.

6. Upon completion of the update, run CoolMessenger again and login using the details from step 4.


Congratulations. You are now connected to the WRECKLINK communication network. If something is not working correctly, please contact us for further instruction.